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Elite Timeshare Group Resales and Rentals have collaborated and brought together some of the leading personnel in the Timeshare Industry, some with a wealth of twenty-nine years of experience.


Our mission statement is to ensure our clients purchase the correct Timeshare apartment which suits their families holiday needs and requirements. This can only be achieved if we take the time to fully understand how our clients prefer to holiday, the time of year of travel and who with.

At Elite Timeshare Group, we offer a very different approach to purchasing resale Timeshare apartments. Rather than bombarding you with endless sales calls and putting you under pressure for you to make that quick decision. We firstly identify our clients holiday needs and requirements before presenting you with our recommendations. 

We have carefully selected our resort product range and have included such iconic brands as Disney and Marriott.


Our relaxed no high-pressured approach is what we have built this business model on. We are available for our clients 24/7 and we are happy to answer any buying, selling or renting related enquiries or any questions you may have.

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Purchasing a Timeshare apartment is an alternative to tying up large sums of money in a holiday home either in the UK or abroad. A Timeshare or Vacation ownership is an apartment normally divided into 52 weeks. These apartments are typically owned by  multiple parties who have purchased the rights to use the specified (week/weeks) and size of property at a given time each year. The ownership of timeshare programs is varied, and some resorts offer floating weeks time, you must decide before you purchase which options suits your holiday requirements. Apartments may be sold as lease, or "right to use”, or in perpetuity, this should always be shown on your purchase agreement contract.

Some clients purchase a week of Timeshare so they can return to the same resort year after year however, some may want more variety and flexibility-in travel destinations. This is achieved by joining an exchange program for example, RCI, Interval International or 7ACROSS. Timeshare exchange programs give you the flexibility of exchanging into other Timeshare resorts Worldwide. 


Elite Timeshare Group's expert and knowledgeable team make your Timeshare purchase uncomplicated and reassuring. All of our clients’ money are held in an independent escrow account and remain in trust until the transfer of ownership is fully complete. This process protects both buyer and seller 100% during the whole transfer of ownership.

Our task is to match buyer with seller, and we have to make sure both parties are one hundred percent happy to proceed with the sale before the legal contracts are prepared or even send out.

The transfer of ownership is handled by our professionally appointed transfer agent who deals directly with each individual resort. Very thorough checks are conducted with the resort and all owner information is confirmed and up to date before issuing the contracts.


We also GUARANTEE there will be NO debt transferred from the seller to the buyer, this provides client peace of mind.

We also work on lower profit margins and will always GUARANTEE the best purchase price, this gives our clients the confidence when dealing with the Elite Timeshare Group.


If we do not have the week/weeks or resorts you are looking for, we will add you to our preferred client waiting list. Once your request has been matched, we will notify you immediately.




Most resale Timeshare companies ask you to pay to list or advertise your Timeshare for sale with them, at Elite Timeshare Group we are more than happy to list your Timeshare FREE OF CHARGE. We understand most owners have paid other companies large sums of money, only to be given false promises. However, we believe with our hardworking attitude, we will find you a buyer. 

We do not solely rely on purchasers to contact us; we actively look for your buyer. We have a large database of clients who have specifically asked us to inform them if something becomes available which meets their criteria.  
If you are worried about paying your annual management fees whilst we find you a buyer, Elite Timeshare Group, at no extra cost, can list your Timeshare apartment for rent. In most cases we can recoup the cost of your annual management fees and in more cases than not, the renter will make you an offer to purchase your timeshare apartment. This approach gives our company more time to match buyer and seller.
Elite Timeshare Group also welcomes and offers part exchanges, in some cases owners just want to upgrade to a different resort, time of year or size of apartment.
If you are considering selling your Timeshare apartment and you want to find out how much your week/weeks are worth. Please fill out the contact form.

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If you are considering a Timeshare purchase, why not try before you buy. 

Elite Timeshare Groups modern day approach is assisting many clients and helping them find their perfect Timeshare resort. 
We offer rentals at hundreds of different resorts Worldwide from Scotland to Australia and if you decide to make a purchase using the Elite Timeshare Group after first renting, we will refund the full rental amount paid and offset this against your purchase price.

For available rentals, please fill out the contact form.


Elite Timeshare Group cover resorts from the crystal clear lochs of Scotland to the stunning surfing beaches of Australia.


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